January 2022

Weather is perfect, lots of fish. Big snapper. Crystal clear water.
The summer fishing is fantastic at the moment, big King fish in abundance, we find our live baits are being smashed

February 2022

The water Temperature has been great, we have been going out to Front side of the Barrier, trolling for Marlin and deep drops for Hapuka
Sunset over the Needles on way home, is always pleasant, the volcano in Tonga has been putting a lot of dust up in the air to make the Sunsets glorious 

March 2022

The weather has been hard so many easterly winds, then also so many Covid related trip cancellations, the fishing when we are out has been fantastic, little Barrier, Horn rock been really great, still huge amounts of Flying fish around, Marlin candy we call them

April 2022

So far so good, working between the storms is working well, lots of tropical storms this month , and we are working between them and the fishing is fabulous, nice Skipjack Tuna everywhere, bait as far as we can see, under the bait, great fish, nice to see so many smiles

May 2022

Such beautiful autumn weather, we have been lucky to do some overnights to Tiri Tiri, fishing has been great, cost of fuel starts to concern us, but boat is running great , we reconditioned all the injectors and injector pumps, giving us a better speed , and using less fuel, thats  a good result in these times

June 2022

The weather window has been tight, winter arrives, we got a few trips out wide to the Mokes, Rakitu island and the Broken islands, fishing on light gear is just great,The Doublerum set up is just fantastic for Berly in 6 mtrs of water ancohered , and drifting in 60 mtrs

July 2022

Now we  really start winter fishing, the fishing is out wide, fish are in 50mtrs, we use small baits , and we are having better results drifting the current lines,
As soon as we catch a 5 day window break we intend to go out and target sword fish, we got plenty of bait in the freezer as Kale caught some big albacore tuna last week going to 20 kilos, so we must use this bait soon, come on the weather gods.

August/ September 2022

Maintenance and big seals taken up winter residence on the back of the boat, lots of Dolphins around and plenty of whales doing migration to the Antartic
lots of big mussels on hull of the boat, the warm water is really keeping the marine life active, thanks Max and Kale to scrape them off, big job.

October 2022

…The weather is horrid first day of October this weekend all trips postponed, back next week

November 2022


December 2022