Captains Log 2019

January 2019

The weather has been perfect. There have been many Tuna in the outer gulf. The blue water is in all the way out to Shearers rock. Lots of schools of Kawahai with king fish underneath. Snapper fishing out wide has been hard, but we have been hearing good reports of snapper in the shallows around Greenhithe, Hobsonville and Te Atatu. We are a Auckland charter boat, based at Gulf harbour, whangaparoa

February 2019

The days are perfect, not more i can say about it, the pictures talk, great weather helps, perfect clients are booking us, its just great


March 2019

The fishing is fantastic. Every trip we have been getting our limits. Everyone is happy. Great results, great weather and Kingfish are on the chew.

April 2019

The fishing just stays great, we are going out wide to the Colville channel , Captain Jack is Slaying them

May 2019

The days have been perfect, clear skys big fish coming up.

June 2019

Kale had some line time today and caught a personal best, he was very pleased, still getting great bins of fish, good sizes also

July 2019

The weather is changing still catching but getting to Cold to get out

August 2019/September/

We have decided to lock the boat down, clean the boat up, do our survey maintence, a little house keeping is required

October 2019

First trips out for the 2019/2020 season, seems we are doing something correct, all trips coming in fully loaded, we have been hitting the Firth/ Coromandal and Little Barrier, lots of whales sighted, Orcas and Belugas in the gulf…

November 2019

Just gets better and better, the fish are now in close and on the Spawn, just one hour from Gulf harbour Marina

December 2019