Captains Log 2016

January 2016                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Auckland Fishing has been absolutely amazing on our Auckland charter boat, big snapper and big king fish have been caught. Lots of bait fish on the surface between kawau island and Little Barrier, our fishing Charters have all been successful.

February 2016

The Weather for Auckland fishing  has actually been lousy, too many Northerly winds with Easterlies thrown in to make it interesting, we know where the fish are but conditions won’t allow us to get out there. Seems to be Marlin , Yellow fin tuna are every where from the Bay of Islands down to Tauranga, for the days when the boats can get out. Elnino  weather pattern makes our days very interesting. DoubleRum fishing charters was involved in organising the New Zealand Textiles Charity Fishing competition for Sweet Louise, 160 anglers participated for this 6th event on Motuihe island, funds raised on the day $13000/- big effort to all sponsors and volunteers for this event and crew and staff of DoubleRum fishing charters. This event took lots of work but the cause is excellent. We did do several overnight fishing trips to Great barrier island these were very exciting

March 2016

Finally the weather has come right, no more tropical depressions forecast for next 3 weeks, finally started to get back on to reasonable fish, our Auckland fishing charters have to travel out wide to the Colville channel, but the results are terrific. There are lots of small kingfish up to 10kilos around, very nice sized bonito tuna skipjacks up to 5 kilos and lots of medium sized snapper. We have been fishing with slider, jitterbugs and tried and true ledger rigs. Auckland fishing at this time is fantastic. we have seen many Auckland charter boats fishing out wide so we are in the right zone.

April 2016

The wind has dropped, still nor-easters. Water is still terrifically warm, still plus 22 degrees. Acres and acres of tuna, whitebait, yellow tail, all bait fish. It is incredible marlin are still being caught close to Auckland on both sides of the island. Big snapper, big kingies, all types of fish including hapuka are being caught on the inside of Great Barrier in the Colville Channel area. Great time to be fishing with charter boat Auckland

The directors of DoubleRum gave to the Sweet Louise Foundation a large cheque for women with terminal breast cancer from proceeds made during our recent charity fishing competition.

May 2016

The beginning of May is a stunner. Unbelievable days to be out. The fish are going wild and everyone is catching. Schools of kahawai even in the marina.

It’s going off!, fishing in Auckland has never been so good !! we offer Fishing charters from Gulf Harbour Marina

June 2016

The fishing is going great. We are still catching snapper out wide and all customers from Auckland fishing charters are coming back happy. We took the Greenhithe football team out for a fantastic day, weather was perfect and each of the lads had their share of action.

Fishing charters from Gulf Harbour allow us to go out deep quickly and catch the fish still biting in winter. Kingfish are still around, good snapper and gurnard are being caught out on the sand.

Don’t be afraid of the winter weather, fishing is still going well and we are still taking bookings.

To be honest the fishing is going great.

July 2016

This July the fishing boat had to be lifted out of the marina for the four year Major Ship Survey. Props were checked, rudders and shafts were pulled and inspected for cracks, seals and bearings were repaired where necessary, new anti foul applied and repairs were made to the hull where indentations were due to hitting small logs and debris in the water.Everything got a good look over, ready for more adventures on the water, once the weather improves.

August 2016

When the weather has been good to go out we have still been catching fish in the Colville channel. The fish are in good condition, between 40-45 cm. One thing we have noticed is the huge amount of kawhai still out there, and they are big kawhai. Barracudas are out deep and have been good fun for sports fishermen. Keep those lines tight.

We are taking bookings for overnight fishing charters now.

September 2016

The Spring fishing has taken off. Scallop season is also open with great scallops at Kawau Island and Waiheke. Fishing has been great, lots of Kawahi and medium sized snapper. Fish are in the 8 to 25 meter water mark.We have not done well at all in deeper channels like Colville or the middle of Harbour Gulf. Boat passed its 4 year survey and we entered the new safety system Moss.What a fish, this Auckland fishing boat is the best!!

October 2016

Even with the mixed weather this October we still managed to have some brilliant days out. Our divers have had a lot of fun catching crays and scallops as the water starts to warm up again. Fishing has been pretty successful too, especially in the middle meter mark, where we caught a few decent sized snapper on our latest trip and even managed to smoke a few. Looks like this season is going to be a great one.

November 2016

Fishing has been furious, all trips have been coming back fully loaded. The fish have been in close between Tiri and Kawau. We have been using sliders and jitterbugs. We have just started doing Christmas functions for the season, many great people have come aboard already, and were starting to feel the true spirit of the Kiwi summer!

December 2016

The wind is blowing constantly from the North, the conditions are not great but we are catching a lot. All trips are catching. We had some breakages on the boat which hampered several trips, but all safety policies were in place and on the occasion we limped home, with coastguard escort. Thank you NZ Coast Guard.

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