Captains Log 2018

January 2018

The weather has been perfect. There have been many Tuna in the outer gulf. The blue water is in all the way out to Shearers rock. Lots of schools of Kawahai with king fish underneath. Snapper fishing out wide has been hard, but we have been hearing good reports of snapper in the shallows around Greenhithe, Hobsonville and Te Atatu.


February 2018

The fishing has been hot, out wide in the 50/55 metre area by horn rock, the fish have been sitting deep, the top layer of water first 6 metres the sea temperature is at 23celcius, the ocean is alive with Skipjack tuna, and Albacore tuna, Stripped marlins have been sighted every where.

We persevere with our snapper bashing trips and our king fish days

March 2018

The Weather has still been a problem, no one wants to fish in rough seas, we have been able to fulfil all charters but have had to move around the days to fit in with the Sea conditions, it seems this is going to be the Normal for us. Captain jack and Richard have been doing the business, lots of fish have come on board, lots of nice Skip jack tuna have been landed , we have had constant issues with Sharks, taking there share of the fish , and a lot of destroyed gear.

The fish  have been closer to horn rock so the travel times have been long, but once there the fishing has been non stop, Every drop has been a fish come up, it has been frantic fishing.